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Smittybilt 9500lb Winch – (97495 XRC GEN2 Review)

Are you looking for a good workhorse winch that does not put a hole in your pocket? And still, get a quality winch satisfying for your off-road endeavors?

Smittybilt 9500lb winch is packed with features that furnish a reliable and powerful all-round recovery system. With the power to pull you out of any situation with the best affordable recovery system, Smittybilt 9500 winch is extremely popular among off-road communities.

Here is a quick Smittybilt 9500 winch review discussing the performance-enhancing features and some common FAQs regarding the winch’s general use and installation.

Now, before you choose a winch, you need to consider the towing capacity of the vehicle.

The general rule of thumb for selecting a winch is calculating the scope of the winch capacity. It is calculated by 1 1/2 times the loaded trail weight of your vehicle. So, if you’ve got a light-weight 2-door jeep, this Smittybilt 9500 Lbs winch is quite enough for your towing needs. Smittybilt 10,000 Lbs is also a good option. Please read our detailed review. (Smittybilt 98510 winch)

If you have an armored-up heavy 4-door Jeep, you have to consider choosing a winch around 12,500 pounds.

If you are always supposed to be in a situation like navigating a steep incline, off-roading often in thick, heavy mud, you need to go a bit more pulling power winch.

Smittybilt XRC 9500 Winch Review

The Smittybilt 9500 winch comes with a Load Capacity of 9,500 pounds with a single pull, approximately 4,000 kg.

Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch 9500 Lb Load Capacity Specs

Model 97495
Dimensions 20″L x 6.3″W x 7.4″H
Load Capacity 9,500Lbs (4,309kgs)
Remote Wired
Fairlead Roller
Cable Steel Cable
Waterproof Rating IP67
Brake Automatic In-Drum
$$$ Check Price

Power: The Smittybilt 9500 winch comes with a 6.6 horsepower series motor, supplying the highest grade of torque in the industry. It also includes a three-stage planetary gearbox with a gear ratio of 161.28:1.

Three-Way Mount: You have a state-of-the-art 500AMP Solenoid box that can be mounted in different ways. You can mount it either horizontal, vertical on top of the winch, or some people mount it in a remote location by extending the solenoid box’s wiring.

Waterproof: The waterproof grade of IP67 allows temporary submersion under-water without impacting any internal damage to the winch parts when faced with water crossings.

(Water-resistant up to a maximum depth of 1m underwater for up to 30 minutes.)

Smittybilt Gen 2 XRC 9,500 Pound Winch review

Roller Fairlead: Comes with a 4-way roller fairlead with a galvanized finish complements with a highly durable steel cable.

If you are looking for a synthetic rope, Smittybilt has another model; Smittybilt 9500k XRC COMP. The only difference is that you will get a synthetic rope and an aluminum hawse fairlead, and the rest of the other features remains the same. 

Heavy Load Bearing: The Smittybilt 9500 lbs XRC winch comes with an automatic in-drum brake system that is durable, tough, and provides reliable stopping strength on heavy loads.

Warranty: The Smittybilt Winch 9500 is covered with the Lifetime Warranty relating to mechanical issues and a 3-year Warranty on Electrical components and their functions.

In this Box: Smittybilt Winch 9500 Lb with a durable UV resistant black coating finish, the wired remote, the steel cable, roller fairlead, battery cables, and mounting and all power cables necessary to wire up the winch to the battery and the solenoid box.

The components you will have to buy separately includes;
Universal Wireless Remote | Remote BatterySmittybilt Winch Cover | Winch Mounting Plate


  • Ease of install
  • Compact Installation
  • Waterproof
  • Power Motor
    Reasonable Pricing


  • Fastener Hardware Issues (snapping and breaking) coming from China 😉
  • Free Spooling is a Laborious
  • Installation Instructions are Unclear

Buyer’s Feedback Review:

The majority of the Smittybilt XRC 9500 lb Winch users admit that the winch provides considerable power for its size. It is well-built and effortless to install and wire. The mounting becomes a hassle with either the device being bulky or the mounting bracket not compatible with the vehicle frame.

The motor also does not overheat much, and the general performance is a pleasure to work with. Some winches do tend to break down after about 6 to 7 pulls. Although, when notified within the warranty period, the manufacturer sends out a replacement unit that works just fine and lasts longer.

Customer services are a well-handled aspect and for the most part, customer satisfaction is a work in progress.

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Competitor’s Winch vs Smittybilt Winch 9500 XRC
Smittybilt 9500 XRC Winch Comparison

Smittybilt Winch 9500 XRC Installation Guide

Safety Precautions: Take extra caution when installing your winch. Please familiarize yourself with the operation of your winch before using it. Consistent focus on safety is of great importance. Always wear heavy-duty leather gloves when handling the winch.

Watch the video below for a complete guide on installing Smittybilt XRC 9500 Winch.

Smittybilt 9500 Winch Instruction Manual

The Manual is a comprehensive guide to the Working of the Winch. It has all essential instructions regarding the Specifications, Safety, Warning, Setup, Operations, Maintenance, Parts List and Diagram, and the Warranty guide.

Smittybilt XRC 9500 Instruction Manual, Wiring Diagram: Download

Line Speed / AMP Draw (First Layer)

Line Pull, Line Speed and AMP Draw - XRC 9500lb Winch

Line Pull and Cable Capacity

Line Pull & Cable Capacity - XRC 9500lb Winch

Common FAQ of Smittybilt 9500 XRC Winch:

What does the XRC in Smittybilt stand for?

Xtreme off-roading or Xtreme Rock Crawler/Climber

What size D-ring do you use in Smittybilt XRC 9500?

A 3/4 inch D-ring is used in the Smittybilt XRC.

How to install Smittybilt XRC side rockers on Jeep jk 4 doors?

It is a simple process, follow these steps:

  • Remove the two body bushing bolts from the bushings.
  • Slide the rock slider into position, reinsert the bushing bolts and tighten them up.

What size socket cap screws hold Smittybilt XRC aluminum plates down?

The screw size depends on the thickness of the particular plates that you will be using.

How much amp is drawn to a Smittybilt XRC 9000lb winch?

A minimum of 435 cold-cranking amps.

Does it come with a Mounting Plate?

It does not come with a mounting plate. This is to be purchased separately over here, Or if you have a bumper with a built-in mounting plate, that is better.

Does it come with a quality hook, or do I have to buy one?

The winch hook comes with the winch, also the mounting bolts and wiring.

Does it fit an ARB winch bumper?

Yes, the bolt pattern on the Smittybilt winch is the standard pattern.

Is there any chance of installing a wireless remote? Does it come with one as an option?

It doesn’t come with a wireless remote provided, but you can buy a universal wireless remote to operate the winch. You will have to purchase it separately over here.

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The Smittybilt XRC 9500lb Winch has been thoroughly updated with heavy-duty features for enhanced performance and durability for increased pulling power and lightning-fast line speeds even underwater.

Smittybilt XRC winch is a complete recovery system with the muscle and reliability to bail you out of any situation.

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