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Smittybilt 10,000lb Winch – (98510 X2O COMP Review)

The Smittybilt 98510 X20 10,000 lb winch is part of the COMP series of Smittybilt winches that are geared and improved for tougher off-roading challenges. The Competition Aluminium Synthetic Rope equipped winch is an upgraded version of its predecessors, with greater magnitude of power delivery in aspects like pulling power, line speed, braking system, and the waterproofing degree, all backed by a Mechanical Lifetime Warranty.

The primary reason why off-road adventurers choose to venture on less-trodden paths and hope to come off track in one piece is due to the presence of timely recovery tools. Winches play a major role than simply being a vehicular decoration. The Smittybilt 98510 has features that will furnish an unparalleled performance with its hassle-free operations.

A quick look at the features, performance statistics, and user interaction will allow you to realize the full potential of the 10,000 lb Synthetic Rope Winch and help you decide if it is the winch you have been missing out on.

Smittybilt 98510 x20 10000 lb winch

Product Features of Smittybilt 98510:

  • Dimensions: 8.6” H x 21.1” L x 6.3” W
  • Load Capacity: 10,000 lb (approx. 4535 kg) with Single-line pull
  • Motor: Amphibious 6.6 HP Series Wound with Sliding Ring Gear Clutch
  • Gear Train: 3 stage planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 218:1
  • Waterproof Rating: IP68 rated
  • Drum Size: 2.5” x 10.0”
  • Dynamic Braking system with automatic Out-of-drum Brakes
  • Battery leads: x2, 25 mm, x 75”
  • Product weight: approx. 99lb (45 kg)
  • Recommended battery: Minimum 650 CCA
  • Mounting bolt pattern: 10” x 4.5”
  • Fairlead: Competition Aluminum
  • Integrated Wireless Remote Control
  • Remote Wired Switch with a 12’ lead
  • Cable type: 98.5 feet Synthetic rope
  • Textured Black Finish

The 10,000 lb winch features a wireless remote control for ease of operation. Dealing with a wired remote may be fine with some, but in some situations, the wireless remote does prove hassle-free. In any case, if the batteries in the wireless remote die, you can always fall back on the wired connection.

One of the strongest options on the market regarding the torque and faster-pulling speeds, the winch has an amphibious motor that can keep dry even in wet conditions. The synthetic line is almost a 100-foot long, able to allow neat anchoring even in the toughest terrains for easy recovery.

The Waterproof rating of IP68 allows safe submersion underwater without causing any internal damage to the winch components when confronted with water crossings. The winch sits neatly onto the vehicle bumper and the black textured finish adds to the aggressive styling of the sleek design.

The Smittybilt 98510 Winch is covered with the Smittybilt Lifetime Warranty relating to mechanical issues and a 3-year Warranty on Electrical components and their functions. Your purchase includes the Winch, a Hawse Fairlead with a forged hook, battery power cables and other installation cables, a wireless remote, and the rope sleeve.

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The components you will have to buy separately include the

Winch Cover
Winch Mounting Plate
Winch Cradle

Pros of the Smittybilt 98510 Winch:

  • Installation does not take much time and is a simple task to complete
  • Power delivery is amazing even after weeks of heavy hauls
  • The wireless mode gives a broader work perspective
  • It recovers heavy vehicles consistently even with the lag
  • It can effectively withstand the changes in surrounding weather

Cons of the Smittybilt 98510 Winch:

  • The spare parts cost almost half the price of the winch
  • The wireless function fails at times; it has to be played around a bit with to get it working again

Buyer’s Feedback Smittybilt X20:

Despite having the backing of a reputable brand, the Smittybilt winches have never needed to rely on the name. Their effective functionality is a user-pleaser, with many users making the most of this powerful recovery tool even with weeks of heavy work-loads. From the build to the output delivery, to the wireless functioning, the winch works well for its distinguishing features.

The common complaints are about the cost of the spares for the winch and the range of the wireless remote. Although, this issue seems to crop up only for a handful of devices. Given the numerous and aggressive features, many Smittybilt 98510 winch users feel the device is a great buy for the low price. The convenience of having such power at their disposal, with durability, style, and reliability, is the highlight of owning the winch.

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Smittybilt 98510 Installations

Safety Precautions: Take extra caution on every winching situation. Please familiarize yourself with the operation of your winch before using it. Consistent focus on safety are of great importance. Always a wear a heavy duty leather gloves when handling the winch.

Smittybilt 98510 x20 10000 lb winch - Product Features

Smittybilt X20 Winch Installation Instructions in PDF Format

How to Install Smittybilt XRC Atlas Front Bumper

The Atlas front bumper is a full-width bumper with clearance for numerous additional features like a winch mounting plate, overhead tab for auxiliary lighting, recesses for factory-made fog lights, and a skid plate.

  • Remove the factory supplied front bumper by removing the affixed bolts.
  • Ensure to remove additional hardware like the splash shield and frame cover. Unclip the wiring for any auxiliary lights or the fog lights before removing the factory bumper.
  • Bolt the fog lights on to the new bumper using the included hardware.
  • Install the winch mounting plate for the new bumper onto your vehicle between the frame rails.
  • Install the winch onto the mounting plate.
  • Put in all the brackets for the bumper and install it in place using the provided hardware.
  • Attach the lower skid plate panel onto the lower side of the vehicle and you are good to go.

How to Install Smittybilt XRC Atlas Rear Bumper

The XRC Atlas rear bumper is available with just the rear bumper or separately with a Tire Carrier. You can also make use of the entire bumper set with both the components.

The Atlas rear bumper also comes equipped with mounts for additional accessories like a third brake-light bracket, built-in 2 and a half inch hitch meant for towing, mounts for recovery, water, and fuel holders, a mount for a high-lift jack and a recess for jacking up the vehicle when needed.

The Latch system for the Tire Carrier portion utilizes a striker plate and latch mechanism for ease of use, akin to the mechanism of a door.

  • Remove the factory bumper from your vehicle by un-bolting the particular bolts, from the cross members and the tailgate.
  • Remember to remove the wiring for the third backlight and the whole backlight itself to install onto the new tire carrier.
  • Slide two nut plates inside the rear frame rails and carry on with installing the rear bumper. It is a direct and simple installation, so use the hardware provided for the bolting.
  • Install the sandwich plate between the frame rails to provide additional support for winching and towing operations.
  • For the tire carrier unit, the pivot point comes built into the rear bumper itself. First, keep the tire carrier unit in place and then install the pivot point through the top. Place the adjustable pivot plate on top of the pivot point and finish the installation with a provided cover.
  • After the installation, load the tire carrier with a pseudo weighted load and adjust the pivot point accordingly to ensure smooth opening and closing of the tire carrier unit without causing any rubbing or friction between surfaces.

How to Install the Smittybilt XRC Fender Flares

If you are looking for simple and utilitarian fender flares, the XRC Metal Fender Flares are the perfect option. The fender installation kit includes all the hardware required.

  • Start by removing the factory’s inner flares first. Move onto the bolt hardware, holding the outer fenders in place, and pull out the fenders with a good tug. Most of the plastic clips holding the fender flare in place might break off during the forced removal, but that will not be a problem since you will not be needing them further. Ensure all hardware is removed from the general area for the installation of the new fender flares.
  • Hold up the new flares in position to the vehicle and bolt them in place using the given hardware.
  • For the rear fender flares, you might have to drill a few holes depending on the vehicle in question. But otherwise, simply repeat the same process for installation as you did for the front fenders.
  • If you also want to install the fender liners, simply take them off from the factory-made fender flares and trim them off to match the space in your new vehicle.

How to Install the Smittybilt SRC Classic Rock Rails

Designed to bolt directly onto the vehicle, the rock sliders are popular for easy installation.

  • Start by removing any existing side steps or rails from your vehicle.
  • Remove the body bolts situated along the rocker side of the vehicle and set the new rail in place.
  • The rails have studs that will easily slide into the holes already in the pinch seams and the recesses line up with the body mount bolt holes.
  • Utilize the given hardware for the installation and firmly torque the bolts into the existing OEM locations.
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Common FAQ of Smittybilt 98510:

Does the Synthetic Rope come with the Winch?

Yes, the synthetic rope is provided with the winch. But remember that the synthetic rope only comes with the x20 COMP series. Alternatively you can also purchase for a spare one. Check Price For Synthetic Rope >>

Will the winch mount to the SRC front grille guard bumper? If so, does it come with everything necessary to install, or do I have to purchase anything?

Yes, this winch will fit the SRC front grille guard bumper. Everything needed to install the winch comes with it.

What is the max working distance of the wireless remote control?

The remote works up to 150’ of clear view.

Does the winch come with the wiring to hook it up to the battery and the cord for the remote?

Yes, the wiring is included in the set, plus the cord is about 3 m and the controller can be connected to the cord or used remotely without the cord.

Does it come with a 4 roller fairlead?

If you use a roller fairlead with a synthetic winch rope, it will tear the line. It comes with the Hawse fairlead which is the proper one to use with a synthetic line.

What is the run time for the 10,000 lb winch before it needs to cool off?

Probably 30 minutes. I was able to haul a friend up a steep slope several times in a single night. Just check the device for heating or overheating when you run it.

Does it come with a winch cover?

No, it does not come with a winch cover. Most of the aftermarket covers will easily fit the winch. Also, the winch does not come with the mounting plates or brackets and the battery. You are on your own when purchasing these items.

The components you will have to buy separately include the

Winch Cover
Winch Mounting Plate
Winch Cradle

Will it fit the 2016 Rubicon Hard Rock Bumper without any modifications?

You will have to enlarge two of the four holes in the bumper for the flare head mounting plate bolts, simple drill work.

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The Smittybilt x20 Winch have been thoroughly updated with heavy-duty features for enhanced performance and durability for increased pulling power and lightning-fast line speeds even at underwater. The top-of-the-line X20 COMP features Smittybilt’s exclusive Dynamic Braking System which reduces drum temperatures by 66% and makes it perfectly suited to operate all types of synthetic ropes.

Smittybilt X20 winch is a complete recovery system with the muscle and reliability to bail you out of any situation.

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