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Smittybilt 10,000lb Winch – (98510 X2O COMP Review)

Are you doing any moderate trails or out in weather where you could run into mud or snow? An easy to use, heavy-duty waterproof and a very well-built winch is a high priority to add to your Jeep or Truck. There are many winches in the same category, but Smittybilt 98510 winch is an excellent option to buy for any mid-size jeeps and trucks. 

Smittybilt 98510 winch with a pulling capacity of 10k Lbs is the best recovery tool for your off-road endeavors. The Smittybilt 98510 winch is part of the COMP series of Smittybilt winches, most useful for aggressive and rugged performances. The Smittybilt 98510 has features that will furnish an unparalleled experience with its hassle-free operations.

Now, when you are choosing a winch, you need to consider the vehicle’s towing capacity.

Pulling capacity of the winch, which in general, you want to be 1 1/2 times the loaded trail weight of your Jeep. And this is a 10,000 lb. winch, so if you have a heavy 2-door or light 4-door Jeep, this is going to be just fine.

If you do have a big, heavy, armored-up 4-door Jeep, you like to get buried up to the axles in mud, you might want something that has a 12,000 lb. pulling capacity, but for the vast majority of you, a 10,000 lb. is going to be more than enough.

Smittybilt 10K X20 COMP Winch Review

The Smittybilt X20 is an upgrade to the XRC model, and there are a couple of crucial factors that you can notice:

Compact Design: The overall frame of this winch is a little more compact than the other models, and you’re going to be able to fit this in a lot of tighter spaces.

IP68 Rating: The waterproof rating of this winch can prevent water intrusion to the gear casing, the motor, or the electronics. And also keeps out all the elements includes mud, dirt, dust, and grimes.

Smittybilt (98510 X20 Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch – 10000 Lb. Load Capacity)

Model 98510
Dimensions 22.3″L x 5.4″W x 9.4″H
Load Capacity 10,000 lb (4535 kg)
Remote Wired & Wireless
Fairlead Aluminum Hawse
Cable Synthetic Rope
Waterproof Rating IP68
Brake Automatic Out-of-Drum
$$$ Check Price

Power: The Smittybilt 10k winch carries compact power in its 6.6 HP Amphibious Motor, supplying the highest grade of torque. It also includes a three-stage planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 218:1 and these two elements combined to give you much faster line speeds than previous models.

You will get a little increased heat with the extra line speed; however, Smittybilt’s got you covered with their dynamic braking system.

Dynamic Braking: The dynamic braking system with inductive and automatic outer brakes keeps the motor from overheating during heavy-duty operations for lasting performance. It reduces drum temperatures up to 66%. When you are using this Smittybilt 10k winch, you don’t have to worry about the drum heating up and frying your rope, causing any snapping.

Cable Line: It comes with 98.5 feet Synthetic Rope; the benefits of synthetic are lightweight, stretches like a steel cable, and don’t store energy like steel. If it were to break under load, the synthetic line will fall to the ground and does not snap and fly across the area, possibly damaging a person or a vehicle.

The synthetic line is going to be a little more maintenance heavy. You have to clean and replace it more often, and it’s expensive to replace.

(The synthetic version is 30 pounds lighter than the metal rope version.)

Smittybilt X20 Comp 10,000 Lb Winch review

Remote: The Smittybilt 98510 winch can be operated with both wired and wireless remote control. Comes with 12 feet cable with a separate battery compartment. In case your batteries run out, this a very, very functional winch.

The integrated option for wireless control offers convenience at your fingertips for a broader and better visual operation.

Does it Charge the Battery When Plugged in?

No, the battery is not chargeable. It is recommended to keep the couple spares in your jeep when the battery dies.

Waterproof: The Waterproof rating of IP68 allows safe submersion underwater without causing any internal damage to the winch components when confronted with water crossings.

The solenoid box of Smittybilt 98510 winch is sealed up; it will be able to get dunked right underwater and still perform just fine, whereas, with many other winches, the solenoid box is not going to be waterproof.

(Water-resistant up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to 30 minutes.)

Hawse Fairlead: Comes with a Competition Aluminum Hawse Fairlead complete with a forged hook for a secure grip during the winching. The gear system furnishes powerful pulling operations with consistency and relative quietness.

Warranty: The Smittybilt 98510 Winch is covered with the Lifetime Warranty relating to mechanical issues and a 5-year Warranty on Electrical components and functions.

Purchase Includes: With a UV resistant matte black finish, the purchase includes the Smittybilt x20 COMP Synthetic rope winch, a Hawse fairlead with a forged hook, the remote and the cable, a rope sleeve, and all power cables necessary to wire up the winch to the battery and the solenoid box.

The components you will have to buy separately include the

Smittybilt Winch Cover | Winch Mounting Plate | Remote Battery

Other Features:

  • Heavy-duty crossbars add a lot of rigidity to the frame of this winch.
  • Convenient dust cap to the solenoid box will keep all the elements out to give you a lot of trouble-free service out of this winch.
  • Wire loom isolator, so you don’t have all the wires and cables strewn about everywhere. It gives you a much cleaner install when you install this into your Jeep.


  • Ease of Installation
  • Cost-Effective
  • Powerful Motor
  • Wired & Wireless Option
  • Very Easy to Free Spool
  • IP68 Waterproof and Weather Resistant
  • Lifetime Mechanical Warranty, 5 Year Electrical.

Not So Cons

  • Requires Modifications to Fit Specific Vehicle Bumpers
  • Solenoid Mounting Requires Some Attention

Buyer’s Feedback:

The common complaints are about the spares’ cost for the winch and the range of the wireless remote. Although, this issue seems to crop up only for a handful of devices. Given the numerous and aggressive features, many Smittybilt 98510 winch users feel the device is a great buy for the low price. The convenience of having such power at their disposal, with durability, style, and reliability, is the highlight of owning the winch.

Check Price on Amazon.com

Smittybilt 98510 Winch Installation Guide

Safety Precautions: Take extra caution when installing your winch. Please familiarize yourself with the operation of your winch before using it. Consistent focus on safety is of great importance. Always wear heavy-duty leather gloves when handling the winch.

Before installing your winch, you need to either have a winch-ready bumper or have a winch plate installed on your Jeep.

  • Once you have that, the Smittybilt x20-10k winch mounting pattern itself is very, very simple. It bolts merely down with four bolts.
  • A winch’s footprint is standardized, so the holes are already going to be there in your bumper or your winch plate; bolt it right down.
  • You’re also going to have your fairlead that you’re going to bolt in place, and then you will get to your wiring.
  • Everything is color-coded and labeled for you. You make some attachments from your solenoid pack onto the backside of your winch here. Then from the pack up to the battery, you just run those wires through the grill, along the inside of your fender, and make the connection at the positive and the negative of your battery.
Smittybilt X20 10k Instruction Manual, Wiring Diagram: Download
Watch the video below for a complete guide on installing Smittybilt X20 10k Winch.

Common FAQ of Smittybilt 98510 Winch:

Does the Synthetic Rope come with the Winch?

Yes, the synthetic rope is provided with the winch. But remember that the synthetic rope only comes with the x20 COMP series. Alternatively, you can also purchase a spare one. Check Price For Synthetic Rope >>

Will the winch mount to the SRC front grille guard bumper? If so, does it come with everything necessary to install, or do I have to purchase anything?

Yes, this winch will fit the SRC front grille guard bumper. Everything needed to install the winch comes with it.

What is the max working distance of the wireless remote control?

The remote works up to 150’ of clear view.

Does the winch come with the wiring to hook it up to the battery and the cord for the remote?

Yes, the wiring is included in the set, plus the cord is about 3 m, and the controller can be connected to the cord or used remotely without the cord.

Does it come with a 4 roller fairlead?

If you use a roller fairlead with a synthetic winch rope, it will tear the line. It comes with the Hawse fairlead, which is the proper one to use with a synthetic line.

What is the run time for the 10,000 lb winch before it needs to cool off?

Probably 30 minutes. I was able to haul a friend up a steep slope several times in a single night. Just check the device for heating or overheating when you run it.

Does it come with a winch cover?

No, it does not come with a winch cover. Most of the aftermarket covers will easily fit the winch. Also, the winch does not come with the mounting plates or brackets and the battery. You are on your own when purchasing these items.

The components you will have to buy separately include the Winch Cover | Winch Mounting Plate | Remote Battery

Will, it fit the 2016 Rubicon Hard Rock Bumper without any modifications?

You will have to enlarge two of the four holes in the bumper for the flared head mounting plate bolts, simple drill work.

Check Price on Amazon.com


The Smittybilt x20 Winch has been thoroughly updated with heavy-duty features for enhanced performance and durability for increased pulling power and lightning-fast line speeds even underwater. The top-of-the-line X20 COMP features Smittybilt’s exclusive Dynamic Braking System, which reduces drum temperatures by 66% and makes it perfectly suited to operate all types of synthetic ropes.

Smittybilt X20 winch is a complete recovery system with the muscle and reliability to bail you out of any situation.

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