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Smittybilt winches are made in the United States. Keeping in mind the off-road 4WD lifestyle, Smittybilt winches are made durable with quality engineering and innovative for the various off-roading adventures. The VR series of the Smittybilt winches is the only series that is made in China. Otherwise, all other series of Smittybilt is without a doubt, manufactured in the US, but could be assembled in China.

What does the XRC in Smittybilt Stand for?

While it is not clear what XRC stands for, the most common conjecture out in the off-roading market is that it relates to Xtreme off-roading challenges. While the SRC deals with more Sporty models, the XRC is made for tougher roads and conditions. The RC could very well be Rock Climbers/Crawlers since the series is made to weather out the adventure on rocky and rough terrains.

What does the x20 in Smittybilt stand for?

The XRC series of Smittybilt winches is the predecessor to the X20 series. In a way, when you look at the logo of the X20 winch, it is written in a specific manner that makes you feel the X20 winch is the next version, 2.0 of the Xtreme series. This is why the X20, X stands for Xtreme, that is the previous version and the 20 is written differently than the plain way of writing it. So it stands to reason that X20 indicates the 2.0 version of the XRC series.

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How to use Smittybilt Winch?

A Smittybilt winch is used in a way similar to any other winch, the only difference being the range of the features it comes loaded with.

Follow all precautions before you start winching and make sure all connections are firmly secured. Make sure no individual, including yourself, is standing or sight-seeing anywhere near or in the immediate zone of the winching process.

Initially set the winch to the free-spool position and pull out how much cable or synthetic wire you require to reach an anchor point. Secure your hook to the anchor by using a protector strap around the anchor. Make sure you re-engage the free-spool position again to allow the winching process to start.

First, pull in the cable to ensure tension in the line. Then, begin the extraction process, slowly making your way out. Always follow the ‘slow and steady’ mantra when winching. After the process is done, pull back all the cable into the winch and you are ready to go off-roading all over again.