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Badland Winch Review: 8 Best Rated (Comparison)

Badland winches manufactured by Harbor freight offer great quality winches at competitive prices. Compared to other winches on the market, badlands winches are the most affordable.

Winches from Harbor Freight are high-quality and deliver efficient performance without compromising on quality. With a growing and steady popularity, Badland winches are making themselves known for their power and reliability.

In this article, we will review the best badland winches from Harbor Freight.

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8 Best Badland Winches & Comparison

However, when it comes to choosing that single winch for your specific needs, you will have to browse through multiple options before deciding on anyone.

As a quick recommendation to keep in mind when searching for winches, it makes for good practice to keep the Loaded weight of your off-roader 1.5 times lower than the weight capacity of your winch. To obtain the best results without cracking up the winch cable.

#Badland WinchCableRemote
1Apex 12000 lb
Best Rated
IP68 and IP69K
22500 Lb
Best Seller
3ZXR 12000 lbSteel
IP 66
4ZXR 9000 LbSteel
IP 66
55000 LbSteel
IP 65
63500 LbSteel
IP 67
72000 LbSteel
81500 LbSteel

For general convenience, we are going to do a quick comparison of some of the best Badland winches available, their high-quality features, pros and cons, and general performance. This will help you decide on a suitable winch tailored to your needs.

Best Rated Badland Winch

Badland APEX 12,000 lb. Winch (Synthetic & Wireless)

Compared to the Badland ZXR 12000 winch, the Badland APEX® 12000 has a 2x faster no-load line speed.

Cable length: 80 ft
Rope: Synthetic 
Waterproof: IP 68/69K
Remote: Magnetic Wireless 
Gear Ratio: 210:1
Fairlead: Aluminium Hawse

With an 80-foot Ultra High Molecular Weight synthetic rope, it is 80% more lightweight yet more durable and safer than traditional steel ropes.

The winch was tested to withstand water streams of 1450 PSI for its durability, achieving waterproof ratings of IP68 and IP69K.

You can winch without a cable with the 50-foot wireless range, and the magnetic remote makes it easy to mount on the hood for convenient use.

The Badland APEX® 12000 winch can handle any terrain with comfort and reliability.

Customer Feedback

“The whole thing is fantastic. When it comes to price and functionality, this product is unbeatable. If you are considering this winch, I recommend it. You won’t regret it. I had my Wrangler working in under an hour.”

“A wireless remote with a magnet is awesome. Anyone considering whether to buy it should definitely consider it. You will not be disappointed.”

“This is an excellent unit. Over the past 3 months, I have not encountered any problems with it. It is on my Ford Super Duty Diesel 7.3 F250.”

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Badland ZXR 12,000 lb – Truck/SUV Winch

Comes with remote control and an automatic brake. Best suited for off-road adventures, the ZXR is a powerful automatic winch that enables you to load boats, haul timber, and recover jammed vehicles.

Product Features

  • 3 stage planetary gear system
  • Automatic brakes with load holding capabilities keep the motor from overheating at times
  • IP 66 rated/6 HP series wound motor allows for more working time
  • Highly durable Aircraft-grade winch cable enables you to pull greater loads compared to the average winches
  • 12 ft remote control
  • Support capability of 12,000 lbs and can be easily mounted on a similarly built heavy rig
  • Convenient 65 ft cable
  • Weighs over 90 pounds and has a stunning build
  • Easy to install with a quick set-up
  • Relocatable Solenoid Box
  • A professional product at pocket-friendly prices
  • When purchased from the original manufacturer, the ZXR comes with a 2-year Warranty

Pro’s of the Badland ZXR 12,000 lb Winch

  1. No complicated installations, easy to set-up
  2. Budget-friendly offering amazing recovery muscle for a low price
  3. Specifically customized for large off-road vehicles
  4. Highly sturdy winch cable
  5. Effortless mounting on the large rigs
  6. Hassle-free spooling operation

Con’s of the Badland ZXR 12,000 lb Winch

  1. Causes inconvenience with a slow pulling action
  2. A major drain on Car battery
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Customer Verdict

Many customers appreciate the raw strength that the ZXR furnishes, easily handling trailers. The sturdy cable is a blessing and if the entire winch is mounted and used appropriately, it can last for years without much wear and tear.

The only gripe customers shared is the draining strain the winch has on the vehicle battery. Sometimes, they find the motor heating up quickly and then drawing down on battery life. This is a major nuisance for small truck owners and the slow pulling motion of the winch is a cause of irritation to others.

Within its weight range, the ZXR 12,000 lbs are the most preferred winch of full capability given its performance, quality and price.

Badland 2500 lb – UTV/Utility Winch

Product Dimensions: 11 x 4 x 4 1/2 in

Built for capable handling below the 2500 lb range, the Badland 2500 lb electric winch is perfect for towing your ATVs and UTV’s.

Product Features

  • Single-stage planetary gear system for a faster-spooling operation
  • Wireless remote control working seamlessly up to 20 ft
  • Permanent magnet motor for less drag on the battery
  • Automatic load-holding brake for added safety
  • 50 ft steel cable
  • A compact and light model with a memory timer
  • Designed for rugged work conditions, furnishing stability with operations
  • Inline circuit breaker offers overload protection
  • Durable aircraft-grade winch cable

Pro’s of Badland 2500 lb Winch

  1. Substantial water resistance
  2. Ease of use and installation
  3. Durability and reliability at an affordable price
  4. Load control made easy
  5. Permanent magnet motor utilizes less current
  6. Convenient ATV recovery with wireless remote
  7. Automatic brakes allow more safety

Con’s of Badland 2500 lb Winch

  1. Not suitable for heavy loads
  2. Wire length could have been longer
  3. The remote control is too big
  4. The mounting plate has to be purchased separately
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Customer Verdict

The Badland 2500 lb makes an ideal fit for everyday use rather than professional needs. The device comes at an affordable cost furnishing portable adventures with its durability and easy ATV recovery. Its sturdy construction and wireless remote functioning make it a popular investment within its range.

The maximum cable length may fall short now and then but the Badland 2500 lb is made for recovering small ATVs. The main issue of inconvenience though is the missing Mounting plate that is a crucial component but has to be brought separately.

Badland 9000 lb – Truck/SUV Winch

Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 13.5 x 10 in

Capable of recovering vehicles with a maximum pulling weight of 9000 lbs, the Badland 9000 winch comes at a slightly high price yet it has distinctly convincing features for heavy ground use.

Product Features

  • Electric Series wound motor that prevents overheating during heavy-lifting
  • Impressive 5.4 HP for its size furnishing smooth performance
  • The free spooling feature enables quicker line-in and line-out
  • Aircraft-grade steel cable
  • 3 stage planetary gear system for fast line speed and efficiency
  • Cable tensioner and Roller fairlead encourage smoother line-out movement preventing entanglement
  • Automatic load-holding brake
  • Inline circuit breaker for overload protection
  • IP 66 rating making the device resistant to a substantial amount of water
  • Remote control with a 12 ft lead
  • 90 day Warranty period

Pro’s of Badland 9000 lb Winch

  1. Ease of Installation and Operation
  2. Load control made easy with smooth line-in and line-out features
  3. Remote control for convenient single handling
  4. Automatic load-brake adds to the safety
  5. Resistance to water jets
  6. Powerful motor supporting up to 9000 lbs of weight
  7. Sturdy aircraft-grade winch cable

Con’s of Badland 9000 lb Winch

  1. Slightly pricey
  2. Limited Warranty on an amazing product
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Customer Verdict

The majority of users are satisfied with their investment made in the Badland 9000 winch. The powerful motor with its efficient cooling system enables longer work hours. The stable and durable performance has encouraged customers to opt for the device even though the manufacturers offer a limited Warranty on the product.

Besides the price being a little too high, customers do not mind the inconvenience since the Badland 9000 lb delivers efficiency with its numerous features.

Badland 3500 lb – ATV/Utility Winch

Product Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 6 in

A product upgrade from the previous 2500 lb version, the Badland 3500 lb winch offers almost the same features, robust and durable build, and functions, but comes with an added IP 67 rating, primarily made for ATV/UTV towing.

Product Features

  • Permanent magnet motor that utilizes less current and reduces overheating
  • Single-stage planetary system to aid fast line speed
  • Automatic load-holding brake providing additional safety
  • Free-spooling feature
  • A convenient 8 ft handlebar control with an added 12 ft remote control
  • 50 ft aircraft-grade steel cable
  • IP 67 rating implies greater resistance underwater
  • 90 days Warranty period

Pro’s of Badland 3500 lb Winch

  1. Compact and lightweight making it a great portable winch
  2. Ease of installation and operation
  3. Motor efficiency furnishes extra working hours
  4. Free spooling feature ensures smooth and hassle-free operations
  5. Durable 50 ft steel cable equipped with a roller fairlead to prevent entanglements
  6. Handlebar control and Remote control function flawlessly
  7. IP 67 rated

Con’s of Badland 3500 lb Winch

  1. Wireless remote is always a welcome convenience
  2. Steel cable is heavier compared to a compatible synthetic rope
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Customer Verdict

A diligent model for ATV recovery, customers are quite satisfied with the functioning of the Badland 3500 lb winch. Its powerful motor and overall stability offer timely help when needed.

The step-up here is the Water resistance offered with an IP 67 rating. Many customers love this feature of 3500 lb and are more than happy to spend a little extra considering its quality and competitive capabilities.

Badland 1500 lb Electric Winch

Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 4.5 x 5.5 in

Built to pull loads weighing around 1500 lbs, the Badland 1500 lb 120 V Electric winch is ideal for horizontal towing, preferably a motorbike or even a small boat.

Product Features

  • 2 stage planetary gear system
  • Circuit breaker for thermal overload protection
  • Capable of pulling 1500 lb loads horizontally
  • Tethered remote control offers the unrestricted field of movement and vision
  • 35 feet aircraft-grade steel cable equipped with a Hawse fairlead and drop-forged sling hook
  • 90 day Warranty period

Pro’s of Badland 1500 lb Electric Winch

  1. Designed for garage use, ideal for pulling horizontal loads
  2. Tethered remote control provides better freedom of movement
  3. Easy to use at competitive prices in the same range
  4. Considerable strength for its size

Con’s of Badland 1500 lb Electric Winch

  1. Lightweight winch meant to pull smaller loads
  2. Cable length falls short oftentimes
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Customer Verdict

Utilizing the Badland 1500 lb Electric winch has been a pleasure for many users. Since they do not need to haul around heavy loads, the compact 1500 comes in handy being easy to operate and mount.

It can easily pull weights it is meant for without loading strain on the winch box and has efficient means to protect itself from overheating.

Our Recommendation – Badland ZXR 12000 lb Winch

Given the shortcomings related to Battery drainage, this can easily be overcome by utilizing a Snatch block, which makes the winch stronger and the process that much easier.

Badland ZXR 12000 lb winch has earned our top recommendation because it is a device that represents the amalgamation of all the convenient features of its predecessors. From easy Installations, Setup, and Mounts to the customized and powerful muscle drive used in hassle-free recovery, the ZXR furnishes high-grade convenience worth every buck spent in its investment.

Given the fact that the manufacturer stands behind their product with a full 2-year Warranty, there is absolutely no room for doubt in the efficiency and productivity of the ZXR.

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Badland Winch Replacement Parts and Accessories

While some Badland winch units come with all parts and accessories, some others require separate purchasing of either main components or additional accessories.

Badland Winch Solenoid Box

The Solenoid box comes for all Badland models specifically designed for their recovery weight ranges, from 1500-12000 lbs. This Heavy-duty winch relay Solenoid comes packed with power built for a load of 5000-12000 lbs and can replace the entire control box and solenoid no matter the brand.

Badland Winch Remote

The Badland Remote control comes tethered or wireless working up to a maximum range of 20-50 ft. With the basic power-in and power-out control, you can use it safely from a distance, even when you are working alone. They also have substantial water resistance, rated IP 66 and IP 67.

Badland Winch Cover

Badland winch Cover comes in various sizes according to the weight range. With ideal dimensions for winches up to 13000 lb, the covers are designed to last longer even through difficult weather conditions. They are handy, elastic, and easy to use.

Badland Winch Mounting Plate

Equipped with a universal flatbed the Winch Mounting Kit comes with the Mounting plate that can be winched to any flat surface. Made from steel, all necessary nuts, bolts, and other essentials come packed in the Kit with the instructions manual.

Badland Winch Circuit Breaker

The Manual Reset Circuit breaker is a surface mount model and comes with ratings from 25-250 A with interrupt capacities from 1.5 KA-48 Vdc and 1.5 KA-14 Vdc. Splash and dustproof with IP 67 rating. Operating temperatures are from -320 C to 820 C.

Badland Winch Wiring

The wiring for all Badland winches comes with the specific product itself. Other than this, the Wire cable and the Roller Fairleads are available for different models of Badland. The quality winch cables are kept from entangling with the fairleads that are equipped with the entire device.

Quick FAQ’s:

How to Install Badland winch?

Before you attempt to install the Badland winch, make sure you thoroughly read the instruction manual, get together all tools, parts, and components of the specific model to avoid grave mistakes after all assembly is done. Ensure you understand all the wiring instructions before assembly or mounting.

Who manufactures Badland winch?

Badland winches are manufactured by a Chinese Company as a part of an in-house brand called Harbor Freight.

How to wire Badland winch?

The instructions to wire any Badland winch come with the specific Badland model, so make sure to read and understand all instructions carefully before attempting to wire the winch. If you think you cannot handle the wiring, leave the task to a professional.

How to mount a Badland winch?

Again, any instructions regarding the mounting of a winch come with the product in the manual. So ensure you read all instructions thoroughly, or if you find it confusing at some point refer to the <>


When it comes to winches, the main things to consider are whether they furnish services comparable to the price tag on them and how effective they are at vehicle recovery.

Badland winches are all solid-quality products that do not require you to spend a fortune on efficient vehicle recovery services. They cover a wide range of recovery capacities and their advanced mechanisms allow stability and durability even after years of use.

While their multi-part construction may require a certain level of knowledge to piece together and the cable length is known to fall short at times, these become minor inconveniences in the face of the numerous and productive brilliant features that owners prize above all.

If this is your first time shopping for a Winch or you are looking for the best quality in budget-friendly ranges, Badland offers competitive prices for high-quality winches, within their class.

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