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Best Badland Winch Remote For Replacement

Badland winches from Harbor Freight are a good combo of performance and value. The wireless remote option has been a great addition to Badland winches for a convenient function. However, there are numerous complaints and downsides concerning wireless remote control.

Is Badland winch remote not working? Check these nine ways to fix the remote before replacement.

If you are looking for Badland 2500 winch remote replacement or any other badland models, we have listed the best remote control you can replace with your Bandland winch.

Badland Wireless Winch Remote Control

Range: 50 ft | Remote: Wireless | Weatherproof: Yes

Badland Wireless Winch Remote Control

This Harbor Freight winch remote is the best suited wireless remote for your Badland winch. It comes with the remote and a weather-resistant receiver plug that connect to the controller box.

They are very convenient, simple to use, and easy to set up. Badland wireless remote has a range of 50 feet, enabling you to operate the winch from a longer distance.

If you happen to have robust connectivity, and the range can extend up 80 ft. away.

The remote is included with the two CR2032 lithium batteries and provides power-in and power-out control. In case your batteries run out, keep a couple of spares in your vehicle.

The wireless winch remote receiver mounts to all the models of Badland winches.

“Note: It needs 7.5 Volts DC to trigger the remote. If you use it for a 12 Volt system, it will be fine. it will not trigger until you hit 7.5 volts if you are using a variable DC power supply.”

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Customer Review: Works great on my Badlands winch!! Awesome – Butch.

Badlands Harbor Freight Wired Remote Switch

Wire Length: 12 ft | Remote: Wired

Badlands Harbor Freight Wired Remote Switch

Harbor Freight wired remote control comes with a 12 ft long cord to assist you in emergencies. Sturdy looking remote with ergonomic design control provides a safer and more reliable winching experience.

Strategically designed to support all the Badland winches has a five-pin connection.

The wired remote control will turn out to be very useful if your wireless remote stops working. It’s always safe to keep a wired remote as a backup on the trail, and it can significantly increase the versatility of your winch.

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Customer Review: Works properly and an exact replacement for my damaged one. – Rick Jameson

LIEBMAYA Wireless Winch Remote Control 

Range: 50 ft | Remote: Wireless | Waterproof: Yes | Battery Saver: Yes

LIEBMAYA Badlands Wireless Winch Remote Control

The LIEBMAYA Winch remote is a universal wireless winch remote that can easily replace the factory remote controller on a Badland winch.

The winch remote is waterproof and very well designed for the flexibility of operation.

The product comes with a controller and two remotes; a big remote and a small key fob for convenient control. Two 12V batteries are included in the remote.

It has a wireless working range of up to 50 ft. The remote shutdowns automatically after three minutes when not in use for battery conservation.

“Note: This is a remote that works with a relay that reverses the voltage to the winch motor. If your winch has a built-in relay, you would have to determine the correct solenoids to connect from the remote module. If your winch does not have a relay built-in, you would need to purchase a relay.”

An excellent remote with a speedy response comes with dual remote and precise installation instructions.

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Customer Review: I bought a 12k lb Harbor Freight winch. The wireless remote always had a delay in its function. Now with this remote. There is no delay in its function. It is easy to hook up. Instructions and batteries were included. It’s worth the money. Will work with any winch that is controlled by a relay. – Todd

These are some of the most reliable Badland wireless and wired remotes that you can get to replace with your winch. Despite that, if you face any issues with the Harbor Freight winch remote, comment below.

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