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Badland Winch Replacement Parts

Find the most comprehensive badland winch parts list for your replacements and upgrades. Using genuine Badland winch replacement parts helps to ensure the continuous quality and reliability of your badland winch.

Badland Winch Parts, Replacements & Accessories

Keep your winches running efficiently and make them last as long as possible by getting precisely the parts you need. Always ensure the product compatibility with your vehicle before ordering and ensure you read the badland winch wiring diagram.

Here are the most searched Badland Winch Parts from the customers.

Badland Winch Mounting Plate

Most badland winches come with a mounting plate for your winch. If your vehicle doesn’t support a mounting plate or does not come with a mounting bracket like the Badland 2500 Lb or ZXR 12000 Lb Winch, you may have to purchase it separately.

It is essential to know whether your mounting plate can fit your vehicle’s bumper and correctly place your winch. Mounting your winch in a wrong way can damage it; install your mounting bracket according to your vehicle’s specifications and winching activity.

Winch Mounting PlateNote: Check compatibility with your vehicle before purchasing.

Badland Winch Mounting Plate For Models

ATV/UTV Mounting Plate for Badland 1500, 2500, ZXR 2500 & 3500 Winch

UTV Winch Plate for Badland ZXR 5000 Winch

Universal Winch Mount for Badland ZXR 9500, ZXR 12,000 & APEX 12000 Winch

Heavy Duty Winch Mount For Badland 18000 Winch

Wired Remote Control

When opting for a winch, the wired remote control should be your prime priority from the wireless remote option. The wireless remote is good for convenience and safety, but during any unforeseen circumstances like the wireless remote stops working or a battery dies, having a wired remote would be a much-needed backup,

Universal Badland winch wired remote control supporting all the models.

Please read our review on this wired remote switch.

Wireless Remote Control

If you have issues with your remote control not working on your badland winch and looking for a replacement, the below wireless remote control would be a convenient fit for any models.

Badland Wireless Winch RemoteTwo best universal wireless remote controls supporting all the models,

Badland Wireless Winch Remote Control

LIEBMAYA Wireless Winch Remote Control

Please read our review of this wireless remote switch.

Solenoid Box/Control Box

The solenoids help operate the winch in and out by managing the high amp between the winch and battery.

It’s high time you replace the control box if you have issues with the winch not powering in or out, burned out the solenoid, or not enough power to operate the winch.

Replace your stock solenoids with much more durable, compact, waterproof, and dust resistant solenoid.

Winch Solenoid For BadlandWinch Solenoid Relay for ATV/UTV: Supports Badland 1500, 2500, ZXR 2500, 3500 & 5000 Winch

Solenoid Contactor Relay for Badland ZXR 9500, ZXR 12,000 & APEX 12000 Winch

Heavy Duty Solenoid for Badland 18000 Winch

Accessories You Need to Consider Buying

When installing your solenoid, minimize the cable length by keeping close to the winch. Also, guard the cables between the solenoid and the winch from excessive heat.

Heavy Resistant Split Loom: Use a Wire Loom Cable Conduit for protecting the wires

Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Ties: Reduce cable length using Cable Zip Ties

Highly Flexible Pure Copper Cable: Replace your stock power cables and use a 2 Gauge Cable to minimize voltage drop.

Winch Cover

Not all badland winches are waterproof; the models 3500 lb, ZXR 3500 lb, 5000 lb & APEX 12,000 lb are the only winches with a waterproof rating above IP66 protection. Anything below IP67 is prone to damage from rain and submerge.

A good winch cover can withstand all problematic weather conditions, prevent rust, protect the synthetic rope from the sun’s UV exposure, keeps the mud off from getting into the strands of rope, which can be abrasive and damage your cable.

Winch Cover For Badland WinchUV Stabilized Waterproof Winch Cover: Ideal for Badland 1500 to  Badland 5000 Winch.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Winch Cover:  Ideal for Badland ZXR 9500 to Badland 18000 Winch

Circuit Breaker

A robust circuit breaker can prevent damage from an overload or short circuit by interrupting current flow. Replace the stock circuit breaker from the Harbor Freight winch that comes with no protection and no place for mounting.

You may need a plastic encasing to secure your circuit breaker from water and dust. A circuit breaker can act as a disconnect at the push of a button. Get yourself a circuit breaker that is waterproof, resettable, and will allow you to draw current at full load.

Circuit Breaker For Harbor Freight Winch100 Amp – Bussmann CB185-100 Type III Circuit Breaker

150 Amp & 200 Amp T Tocas Circuit Breaker

250 Amp & 300 Amp from Anjoshi Circuit Breaker

Synthetic Rope

Synthetic ropes are lighter and flexible than steel cables. A Synthetic rope with hawse fairlead can reduce about 30-35lbs of the load from the vehicle’s front.

They are less dangerous than steel cable when it breaks. You can increase the rope length and get more spools on your drum with its thin size.

Synthetic Rope For Harbor Freight WinchBest for winches ranging from 9,000 lbs to 14,500 lbs

3/8″, 100 Feet Winch Cable Line With Hook and Sleeve Protection –

3/8″, 85 Feet Synthetic Winch Rope With Protective Sleeve

Best for winches up to 8200 lbs

3/16″, 50 Feet Synthetic Winch Rope With Protective Sleeve –

Accessories You Need to Consider Buying

When using a synthetic rope, you need to protect it from susceptible to UV damage and abrasion from rocks.

Use a winch cover that can protect from sun damage.

A Flexible Braided Cable Sleeve for rope getting damaged by rubbing against rocks.

Hawse Fairlead

Hawse fairleads are used in conjunction with a synthetic winch line. They are lighter and designed to give you a slightly better approach angle since they let the cable slide across.

If you are looking for a lighter, stronger, and safer winch line, an aluminum hawse fairlead is the best option, along with an excellent synthetic rope.

Hawse Fairlead For Harbor Freight WinchNote: Check compatibility with your vehicle before purchasing.

Aluminum Hawse Fairlead for Synthetic Winch;

Roller Fairlead

Roller fairleads are used in conjunction with a steel cable line. They are very popular and have been a default for 4×4 vehicles.

Roller Fairlead comes with two way and 4-way rollers that can guide your steel cable from different angles. The sharp borders help the cable from getting damaged.

Roller Fairlead Harbor Freight WinchNote: Check compatibility with your vehicle before purchasing.

Winch Roller Fairlead For Steel Cables;

Handlebar Control Switch

Handlebar switch is convenient to control the winch with just a thumb operation. A simple plug and play-action provide ease of winching in and out with a push of a button.

Handlebar switch would be helpful in case of failure with wireless remote control.

Handlebar Control Switch For Harbor Freight Winch ATVHeavy-Duty ATV / UTV Handlebar Rocker Switch With Universal Mount and Wiring

  1. Led Switch
  2. From Extreme Max 
  3. From JooFn 

Always take extra caution when installing any parts. Please familiarize yourself with the part operation before using it. Keeping a constant focus is more critical. Always wear good heavy-duty leather gloves when working the winch.

We’ve covered most of the badland winch parts that you can need for the replacements or upgrades. Let us know your feedback on the parts you fixed and any new accessories that you find essential for your winch operation.

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