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Badlands Winch Remote Not Working

Badland winches have a remarkable reputation in providing competition to some of the highly rated and long-standing brands in the Winch Market. Not to mention their affordability factor that comes equipped with solid quality and durability, features many winch owners are proud to own.

In this article, we will be dealing with troubles in which badlands winch remote not working experienced by the Remote Control device that comes with the Badland Winch manufactured by Harbor Freight. While some Badland winches offer a wireless remote control with the item, some do not. You will have to purchase the remote separately if you feel the need for a wireless connection.


Voiding the Warranty

An essential thing to consider when you are going for a wireless remote for your Badland Winch is whether it is worth voiding the Original Warranty. Any additional changes or installations you make to your Badland winch automatically void the Warranty. This means if you go wrong with any connections during the installation, you will have to deal with that issue yourself.

Troubleshooting the Badland Winch Remote Control Issues

The remote control is a device that has two basic functions- reel-in and reel-out. They come with a working range of 20 ft to 55+ ft efficiency and all necessary terminals and connectors.

The general issues with a remote control could be of the following sorts:

Battery Life

Most Badland winch remote controls come with a 12 V lithium-ion battery. Many customers have found that simply after a day of use, the range of the wireless remote control decreases. Other smart customers did try changing the battery to a better quality one and the range worked out just as new.

In order to prevent the battery drain, it is recommended that you remove the battery from the remote or disconnect the battery from the remote controller using plastic insulator strip

Winch Remote battery Size: “23A” 12V

Antenna Issues

The wireless Installation for the Remote control is situated in the Solenoid box, wedged within the various wiring. If you feel up to opening the Solenoid box and popping out the Antenna, which is usually a thin green wire, out of the box but not pulling it off, you can give that a try. Simply to increase the working range of the Remote control.

For a visual instruction on how to open up the Solenoid box to locate the Antenna and what tools to use, refer to this link.

Using the Alligator Clip

A general idea to get more reach regarding the range in Wired or tethered Remote controls, you can apply an Alligator clip to the Antenna of the Remote Control Box and connect it to the Antenna of your vehicle.

For a visual instruction on how to deal with short ranges on the Harbor Freight Remote Control, refer to this link.

Cleaning the Remote

Customers have complained of the instance when they tried using their wireless remote but after a simple click to reel-in the cable, there was no reaction from the winch. Or from the other function of the remote.

After having tried to change batteries or check for a blown fuse, they did come across the longer route of rerouting their remote by having to open out the Solenoid box and clean up the dirt as well as apply some lubrication. After this, the remote would resume its normal functions.

Other Issues

Water Drain

Badland winch remote is a not a waterproof, if you’ve had water got into the control box it must have tripped your winch and stopped working.

Wireless Range

The Wireless remote control works well within the 25 to 30 ft range, sometimes it would not work unless you were in the direct sight of the remote.

Delay in Action

There is a delay in action when you press the button to the time and the winch to operate, although a bit disconcerting on the first few times when you use it.

Universal Wireless Remote

If you feel like going for a remote control that is not Badland branded, then choosing a Universal Wireless Remote will be a better option. However, again, you will have to have some basic mechanical and wiring knowledge to wire any electrical components since electrical systems keep changing from device to device. Many of your actions are going to have to be improvised.

Whatever the case with your Badland winch Remote control, if you are not confident of providing the essential repairs yourself, simply call for assistance from the Harbor Freight Customer Care Service.

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