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Badland 2500 lb Winch Review

Badland is a recent addition in the Winch Market but has quickly gained ground with the release of its affordable, durable and powerful in-class winches. Winches make for timely recovery tools, used in daily heavy-duty tasks or occasional off-roading hauling and recovering.

In particular, the Badland 2500 lb winch is a compact machine that delivers powerful functioning over long periods of use. In its class, the 2500 lb winch is a lower-powered model best suited to deal with smaller sporty UTV’s and ATV’s.

The affordability of the winch is the main highlight and it certainly proves as a useful backup in unexpected situations. Their compact and small build allows them to tuck in nicely within the frame of the vehicle, not necessarily used for daily tough tasks.

In this article, we are going to go over the general features, pros, cons, basic installations and mounting of the Badland 2500 lb winch. This will help you decide whether or not you require this particular class of power for your recovery needs.

Badland 2500 lb Winch Features

Product Dimensions: 11 1/8 x 4 x 4 1/2 in

Permanent magnet motor designed for ATV use that pulls less current. Single-stage planetary gear system that allows fast-line speeds. Automatic Load-holding brake provides additional safety. The free spooling feature enables faster line-out function. Wireless remote offers a range of 20 feet. Aircraft-grade durable Steel cable. Roller fairlead for ease of cable engaging with nylon brushes. 7 ft handlebar control.

The Badland 2500 lb winch can pull loads close to 2500 pounds with effortless ease. The convenience of having a wireless remote allows you to supervise the movements from a distance, ensuring proper and hassle-free recovery.

The winch cable comes just as strong, reliable when pulling heavy loads and durable since it does not snap due to any extra tension caused in the hauling process. The Automatic load-holding brakes add to the safety aspect, so even if the clasp or the hook comes undone in the middle of the recovery, there is a high probability that neither you nor the load will receive much harm.

The motor is powered by a 12V DC electric battery that ensures powerful strength delivery even in rough terrains. The roller fairleads keep the cable from entangling and enable smooth line-in and line-out functions.

Watch the quick unboxing video for the Badland 2500 lb winch

Badland 2500 lb Winch Features


  • Reliable performance during tight situations
  • Wireless remote is a much-needed feature
  • Budget-friendly and durable build
  • Fairly easy to install and very easy to operate
  • 6′ Battery cables for ease of installation
  • Added safety, durability and support make load control easy
  • Inline circuit breaker protects from overloading
  • Significant resistance to water jets


  • Separately purchase the Mounting plate
  • Installation wires should have more length to them
  • Suited only for light vehicles
  • Remote control could have been smaller for ease of handling

Buyer’s Feedback

Many new Badland 2500 lb winch users find the application and performance of the winch satisfactory. They feel that the winch delivers more than enough power to ease up their recovery tasks. The Wireless remote has been acknowledged as a great feature and the overall worth of the winch is far greater than the affordable price tag.

For the long-haulers, the Badland 2500 lb winch has lived well-beyond its servicing years. Even with all the tasks, it has undertaken and that too over its general pulling capacity, the winch has still lasted them so long and continues to do so. Of course, the motor gets overheated due to excessive use but utilizing a snatch block makes the winching work easier.

With fair complaints regarding the use of the remote and the overheating motor, the Badland 2500 lb winch has effortlessly made a mark as a powerful in-class 2500 lb winch.

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Badland 2500 lb Winch Manual

The owner’s manual comes with the product on delivery. It contains important instructions and guidelines regarding the Safety warnings and precautions, Maintenance, Operations, Assembly, Inspection and Cleaning procedures.

Make sure you go through the entire Manual and understand the instructions before attempting to do any Installations or Assembly.

Here is a link to the pdf file of the Badland 2500 lb Winch Manual

Badland 2500 lb Winch Installation

Installing the Badland 2500 lb winch requires a bit of technical and mechanical knowledge and you must make sure you have all the parts ready before you begin any sort of assembly or Installation.

  • The first thing to do is mount the winch on to the front of the Vehicle.
  • The winch mounting plate is to be kept perpendicular to the centerline of the marked or designated mounting area and the holes are drilled accordingly.
  • Tighten the fasteners going by the listed torque values.
  • Next comes mounting the Solenoid box to the tie bars of the winch and routing the cables from the solenoid box to the winch and the vehicle battery.
  • Simply make sure you do not leave the cables hanging in the way of moving parts of the vehicle; secure any loose cables.
  • Before you begin winching, ensure the Cable is firmly coiled without any stopgaps to avoid damage to the load or yourself during the trial operation.

Watch the video given below for a quick visual reference.

Badland 2500 lb Winch Mounting Plate

The mounting plate for the Badland 2500 lb winch has to be brought separately. The winch mount from KFI Products is a well made universal receiver carrier mount comes with the handle can support 2500 lbs winch.

The mounting plate is constructed from a heavy-duty 6 Gauge steel and given a tough powder coat finish for rust resistance. It comes with the necessary brackets for fairlead and winch mounting.

Badland 2500 lb Winch Cover

The Neoprene Winch cover provides all-weather protection for your winch. The elastic material fits snugly around the winch. It is made especially for form-fitting an ATV winch.

Winch cover from Mile Marker (Fits 2500 lb. to 3500 lb. Electric Winches) is also best suited for this winch.

Badland 2500 lb Winch Wiring Diagram

The Manual for the Badland 2500 lb winch holds all necessary instructions to wire up the winch. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid and prevent unwanted incidents after the wiring of the winch.

Badland 2500 lb Winch Wiring Diagram

As you begin the wiring process, make sure you will not route the cables through an area where there is a possibility of damage or interference with their proper functioning. Make a secure path for the cable routing.

Any holes made in any part of the vehicle or hardware must be fitted with rubber grommets to prevent fraying of the wire.

Going according to the diagram given below, attach the cables from the solenoid to the respective terminals on the winch.

The red wire of the Solenoid box attaches to the circuit breaker and the other terminal of the circuit breaker is attached to the positive terminal of the battery.

As for the Black cable of the solenoid, it attaches to the negative terminal on the battery. Make sure the entire operation of the winch goes without a hitch by operating it first and determining the Remote control operations.

Badland 2500 lb Winch Remote Control

The 2500 lb winch comes with a very convenient wireless remote control. The wireless remote has a range of 20 feet and if you happen to have powerful connectivity, the range can extend for more than 20 feet at times.

The simple working of the remote requires a brief 3 seconds of hold to start operating, with the in and out functions.

Parts of Badland 2500 lb Winch

At the time of purchase or delivery, you will find every piece of hardware you require for the installation of the winch along with the Manual with detailed instructions on safety and other assembling aspects. Here is a quick list of the parts of the Badland 2500 lb winch.

  1. Clutch Shaft – 1
  2. Spring -1
  3. Drum Support Plate – 1
  4. Spline – 1
  5. Motor – 1
  6. Rotator Gear – 1
  7. Drum Support Bushing – 1
  8. Planetary Gear Assembly – 1
  9. Pan Head Screw M4x10 – 4
  10. Stationary Gear Housing Assembly – 1
  11. Drum Assembly – 1
  12. Hex Skt FH Screw M6x16 – 2
  13. Screw M5x5 – 1
  14. Screw M5x10MM – 2
  15. Bushing – 1
  16. Clutch Knob – 1
  17. Ring Gear – 1
  18. Baseplate Assembly – 1
  19. Hex Flange Nut M5 – 2
  20. Screw M5x20 – 2
  21. Roller Fairlead – 1
  22. Lock Washer φ8 – 2
  23. Flat-Washer φ8 – 2
  24. Wire Hook and Rope – 1
  25. Screw M8x20 – 2
  26. Solenoid Assembly – 1
  27. Hand Strap – 1
  28. Wireless Remote – 1
  29. Curcuit Breaker – 1
  30. Nut M5 – 2
  31. Nut M8 – 2
  32. Screw M5X20 – 2Tension Plate – 1
  33. Lock Washer φ5 – 2
  34. Flat-Washer φ5 – 4
  35. Shaft Pin 2.5×12 – 1
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Common Badland 2500 lb Winch FAQ

Can I get a replacement remote?

Harbor freight does not sell a replacement piece for the remote. You will have to buy a new one. Then follow the transmission settings for the new Remote as given in the manual.

Is it waterproof?

Researching through the manual and with the manufacturer, there is no such mention of it being waterproof. There is a mention of nylon seals which implies the device may be somewhat weather resistant or splash resistant. No motor gear combination can completely tolerate total submersion.

Can this be connected to the trailer wiring harness for power?

It is not recommended because the winch will draw excess energy when activated. Although you can run a dedicated power supply to the rear of the vehicle.

If I connect to my ATV battery, do I have to install a switch so it will not draw current all the time? Or does it draw power only when the remote is active?

The Winch comprises of a Solenoid and an inline circuit breaker. If these parts are properly installed, then there should be no draw on the battery when not in use.

Does it have a Warranty?

There is a 90-day warranty from the Badland Manufacturer, Harbor Freight. You can purchase an additional 1 or 2-year replacement extended warranty. It is a no questions asked replacement policy.

Hooked winch to plow. When lowering, it just drops to the ground. Any ideas to slow it down?

Check if you have the winch in the free-spool setting. The cable must be under constant tension to work correctly. Otherwise, when pulling it back in, the cable will foul when it starts to get full on the spool.

Will it work with 120V AC?

You need a 12V DC power supply. The unit pulls 106A at 2000 pounds, which does not have an alternate cheap battery solution. It would be better to buy an ATV battery and hook it up to a trickle charger.

Does it have an Internal Power Source?

It does not have an internal power source. You have to hook it up to a car battery (12V).

What are the Power Specifications?

Badland 2500 lb Winch Power Specifications


The Badland 2500 lb winch is a compact piece of machinery that delivers excellent recovery power within its class. Many users have installed it with ease on varied vehicles and used the same for varied purposes. The affordability and durability of the Badland winch have appealed to many, even with the frequent motor overheating and remote issues.

It is a handy and compatible carrier that will accompany you on your off-road adventures. While the pulling capacity or speed may be limited, the durable cable ensures completion of the task at hand without breaking under the duress. The Badland 2500 lb winch is a pocket-friendly option if you are looking for a suitable winch for your ATV/Utility needs.

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