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Buy New Winch Motors & Replacement

Although the lifetime of winch motors are pretty long, they are usually insusceptible to wear and tear over the years. The winch motor is the foremost and central piece of your winch. In case the functioning of the motor is at fault, the winch will be essentially useless, and you will be forced to scrap it for parts. Since winch motors are on the costlier side, occasionally testing the motor will set aside you such a lot of money and exertion later on. 

Once you try out the tests that determine the working of the winch motor, you will have a clear idea if you need to replace the entire winch motor or just the spare parts. Suppose your winch motor works only in one specific direction after the test, you will have to change the spare parts or the wiring that may be at fault. On the off chance that your winch motor does not work completely after the test, you will have to entirely replace it.

So that brings us to the next question, what to keep in mind when looking for replacement of a winch motor?

There are various determinants to keep in mind before choosing the right winch motor for replacement, including;

Your budget:

First things first, determine the budget you have in mind to get the new winch. Various brands are priced at different rates, and also vary from one type of winch to another based on the functionality, size, design, feature, and the place of manufacturing. You should keep in mind that high-quality winches are always placed at a higher rate, however, it is sure worth the money and lasts long. 

Capacity or size of the winch motor:

The pull rating, which is also known as the winch capacity, is one of the most important things to consider when you’re looking to replace a winch motor. To determine what pulling power you need, it’s important that you know the gross weight of the equipment or vehicle, and then you can just calculate GVWR X 1.5. Or you could just go ahead and get the same capacity winch motor which was previously used.


In the event that your activities frequently include water and mud, purchasing a waterproof winch ought to be vital. Be sure to check if the winch is waterproof. 

Type of winch rope or cable:

You will have two options to choose from, which is the synthetic or the steel winch cable. If you want to use the winch on a rough and abrasive ground, then the most durable and long-lasting of winch cable would be steel. While synthetic may also be an ideal option for recovery and trail winches, it makes it super easy to handle, spool and repair when compared to the steel ropes. 

Charging requirements:

Winches usually draw a lot of amperage, beyond what the regular alternator can give. Luckily, since the use of winches are for a brief period of time, the battery can drive the winch and afterward the alternator re-energizes the battery. However, think about replacing the beginning battery with a deep cycle battery or adding a subsequent battery (dual batteries) to enable full discharge repeatedly.

Length of the cable:

While picking your winch, think about the length of the cable. The vast majority of the winches accompany 80-100 ft of cable overall. It’s better to neither pick excessively short or excessively lengthy cable. 

Type of DC motors:

Series Wound Motors:

This sort of motor uses coils to produce the magnetic 

field. They’re exceptionally strong but slightly on the costlier side as well. In case of usage during cold weathers and for heavy duty, the series wound motor is an ideal option.

Permanent Magnet Motors:

These are great for light to medium duty work. They are more affordable when compared to the series wound motors. While utilising permanent magnet motor winch, you must take into account the winching time and load due to the fact that they are intolerant towards overheating. However, keep in mind that they tend to lose power during very cold climates. 

Hydraulic or Electric winch motors:

Winch electric motor is the right choice if you own heavy vehicles like a truck, jeep or SUVs. Hydraulic motor for winch is the most sought after type of winch in professional industries that needs heavy loads to be moved around. 

Best Winch Motors To Buy or For Replacements

When you are looking to buy a winch motor, there are a plethora of manufacturers and types that you may want to look at, before replacing or buying a new winch motor. Some of the most sought after and common types of winch motors include;

  • Hydraulic motor for winch – Longer lasting, less chances of overheating, no requirement of your battery power, high pulling power and durability
  •  Winch electric motor – Eliminates risk of hydraulic fluid leakage, efficient and reliable, low noise levels, wide variety of sizes and features
  •  Boat lift winch motor – Specifically curated for boat lifts, decreased noise levels, automated lift
  • RC winch motor – Equipped with remote control, easy installation, high power, stable performance, for heavy vehicles 
  • DC winch motor – High pulling power, used to lift at great heights, stable performance, electric power source
  • ATV, UTV, Small, Go kart – Electrical winches especially for all terrain vehicles (ATV), utility task vehicles (UTV), speed controllers for go kart, high pulling capacities  

Get your hands on the best branded winch motors;

Ramsey – Leading manufacturers of electric and hydraulic winch motors, both industrial and consumer winches for use in towing and recovery, industrial, petroleum, military, off-road and ATV vehicles.

Badland –  Global manufacturers of winch motors and winch parts for all vehicles and industrial purposes

Warn – Best winches for trucks and other vehicles, powersports winches, utility winches, portable and industrial winches

Some of the winches that you buy will have warranty on either the mechanical components or the electrical parts or both. Once you buy or replace a new winch motor, ensure that it is properly installed and wired up. To avoid any winch cable damage, stretch the winch cable in a way that it spreads down on the drum of the winch uniformly while under tension. Take good care of the winch through regular unspooling and lubrication of the winch’s gear train every now and then, to keep the winch motor running smoothly and hassle-free.

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