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Winch Guide


How To Get Out Of Mud Without a Winch

Speaking from personal experience as a passenger of a car stuck in half-tire deep mud, the anxiety of the situation can overwhelm you. Imagine your winch not working or you left your winch for a day...

Making Chainsaw Winch

How to Make a Chainsaw Winch?

As the name implies, a Chainsaw winch is essentially a Chainsaw attached to a Winch. It may seem like a dependent relationship between the two, where the winch powers off of the motor of the Chainsaw...

How to Use a Winch Without the Remote?

Remote control for the Winch makes the winching process easy, especially the wireless remote, as it keeps you out of harm ways. Many people feel inconvenienced by the use of a wired remote for the...

How to Replace the Winch Cable

How to Replace the Winch Cable?

Long hours of use or heavy use may have worn out your Winch cable, compelling you to replace it. Replacing a Winch cable is an easy task, done in a matter of minutes if you have all the tools and...

How does a Winch Work

How does a Winch Work?

A Winch is an ancient mechanical device used by the Greeks and Romans and Egyptians and others, to pull heavy loads mainly in construction and architecture. The evolving times have seen the use of...