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Winch Guide

Making Chainsaw Winch

How to Make a Chainsaw Winch?

As the name implies, a Chainsaw winch is essentially a Chainsaw attached to a Winch. It may seem like a dependent relationship between the two, where the winch powers off of the motor of the Chainsaw...

Warn Winch Mounted on Trailer

How to Mount/Install a Winch on a Trailer

Trailers usually mount their winches at the rear side of the vehicle, which is to say, that the winch sits on the back of the trailer, either close to the rear of the front vehicle or at the end of...

How to Replace the Winch Cable

How to Replace the Winch Cable

Long hours of use or heavy use may have worn out your Winch cable, compelling you to replace it. Replacing a Winch cable is an easy task, done in a matter of minutes if you have all the tools and...

How to Use a Winch Without the Remote

Remote control for the Winch makes the winching process easy, especially the wireless remote, as it keeps you out of harm ways. Many people feel inconvenienced by the use of a wired remote for the...

How to Wire Winch Solenoid Box

How to Wire a Winch Solenoid

Solenoids are the only protection system of electromagnetic switches that stand in between the power source and the winch battery. These vehicle-mounted boxes ensure the safe passage of power to the...