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Winch Guide

How To Tie Synthetic Winch Rope

How To Tie Synthetic Winch Rope?

Synthetic ropes are way better than steel wires. They are easy to handle, light in weight, strong, safer to use and cause less danger in comparison to steel wires. Make sure that you are wearing...

making capstan winch

How To Make Capstan Rope Winch?

A winch is a cylinder attached to a motor which disburses the rope used to pull heavy loads up and down. There are many types of winches in the marketplace, such as Hydraulic, anchor, lever, capstan...

Spooling Winch Rope

How To Spool Synthetic Winch Rope?

Synthetic winch ropes are far better than the steel cables. They are light in weight and easy to handle. They don’t have cuts and sharp edges. They are almost 15 times stronger than the steel cables...

Spooling Winch Cable

How To Spool A Winch Cable

A winch is indeed a great device. It is so useful in a rough off-road trip, in modern industrial jobs, and, surprisingly, even in regular tasks that include weighty loads that need to be moved. Be...

Testing A Winch Motor

How To Test A Winch Motor?

Winch motor is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a non-manual winch, and it is always recommended that you test it once in a while, to get a complete record on how good the working...

Winch Motors & Replacement

Buy New Winch Motors & Replacement

Although the lifetime of winch motors are pretty long, they are usually insusceptible to wear and tear over the years. The winch motor is the foremost and central piece of your winch. In case the...

How to Wire Winch Solenoid Box

How to Wire a Winch Solenoid

Solenoids are the only protection system of electromagnetic switches that stand in between the power source and the winch battery. These vehicle-mounted boxes ensure the safe passage of power to the...

How does a Capstan Winch Work

How does a Capstan Winch Work?

Capstan Winches are economical and versatile mechanical devices that come in Vertical as well as Horizontal configurations. Belonging to the olden times, the Capstan winches on ships and in the rail...