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Winch Guide

winch tree protector strap

 How to Use a Winch

Winches are an absolute treasure to own when you are out off-roading in rocky or marshy areas. You never know when you might get stuck in what pitfall or mud hole or sand bar! Winches are strong...

winch pulling power

7 Ways to Double the Winch Pulling Power

It is common for our new winchers to be in awe of what the compact machine can do. We look for durability and stability in the host of features that come with the device. The powerful motor, the...

Best Winch For Jeep Wrangler

Best Winch For Jeep

Venture Into Off-Road Adventures With The Most Suitable Winch For Your Jeep Winches have time and again proven they are the most cost-effective option of recovery and self-sufficiency in hauling...

How does a Capstan Winch Work

How does a Capstan Winch Work?

Capstan Winches are economical and versatile mechanical devices that come in Vertical as well as Horizontal configurations. Belonging to the olden times, the Capstan winches on ships and in the rail...

How does a Winch Work

How does a Winch Work?

A Winch is an ancient mechanical device used by the Greeks and Romans and Egyptians and others, to pull heavy loads mainly in construction and architecture. The evolving times have seen the use of...

How to Attach Cable to Winch Drum

How to Attach Cable to Winch Drum

There are numerous ways to attach the cable to the winch drum, depending on the winch make and model. Connecting a cable to the winch drum must be carried out carefully to prevent any unforeseen...


How To Get Out Of Mud Without a Winch

Speaking from personal experience as a passenger of a car stuck in half-tire deep mud, the anxiety of the situation can overwhelm you. Imagine your winch not working or you left your winch for a day...

Install a Winch on a Jeep

How to Install a Winch on a Jeep

Winch Installation on a Jeep is similar to what you would do for any other vehicle. Since Jeeps’ models differ from one another, you may have to make some modifications on your own before...

How to Install a Winch on an ATV

How to Install a Winch on an ATV

Installing a winch on an ATV is just as easy as installing it on any other rig. You will have to do certain modifications to custom fit that winch on your ATV, and this article will touch upon those...